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And now?

Thank you for following this Mooc. We hope it has answered most of the questions you had about the environmental impact of digital technologies. Perhaps you still have questions or would like to continue exploring certain topics, in which case we invite you to ask your questions and propose these topics in the forum.

In this content we have tried to give you an overview of the state of research on the environmental impact of digital technologies. And at the same time to give you tools and a method to continue to update this information yourself and to build an opinion following a scientific approach. As you can see, this work does not stop here, and we hope that this material will be useful to you in understanding the data to come and in thinking further.

We would also like to share with you some guidelines that will allow you to put your new knowledge into practice and to act, at the level that seems most relevant to you. If we have emphasised the importance of interdependent factors such as the environment, the economy, politics and ethics in explaining the impact of the Digital age, it is also to help you find your own position in relation to them and to identify what you want/can influence. Many actions and partners exist and propose actions to deepen your reflection or act directly. And we would like to continue this Mooc with you by inviting you to consult the list of actions and partners below, in order to give us the opportunity to maybe continue our exchanges face to face.

Richard Hanna (@supertanuki), in charge of the Green Tech mission at the interministerial direction of digital (DINUM), has listed many resources and initiatives in a page "Digital and environment" under github: feel free to refer to it and to propose modifications if you have a github account.